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HVAC Inspections are vital

The State of Idaho does not regulate Home Inspectors. When it comes to having your pre-purchase home inspection, the HVAC system is usually just briefly glanced at. It is important to run a full system test and to inspect the HVAC system thoroughly checked.

Since the Boise is prone to bitter cold winter weather, your heating system should always be performing at its best. Regular maintenance should never be taken lightly, nor should the potential dangers this major system could cause to you and your home.

There are components of the heating system that should only be inspected by a licensed professional.

Central air conditioning used to be considered a luxury in Idaho. More and more though, older homes are being converted and/or retrofitted to accept central air conditioning, and with some of the latest technology, efficiency ratings are at a premium. As your HVAC inspector we inspect a permanently installed system, with or without ducts (mini-splits). We can make sure the previous owner was up to date on their maintenace and the system is in peek operating condition.

Call us today to schedule your HVAC Inspection: 208-614-2378

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